So you are interested in me? Well there isn't much to tell, granted this could likely be considered as an understatement after all what's the point of having a website about yourself if there is nothing to tell?

I live in the lovely state of Florida more specifically the east coast known for it's great weather, snow birds, senior citizens, and photographic landscapes. My hobbies include dodging the senior citizens/snow birds while driving, computers, photography, websites, and graphics. If you are unfamiliar with the senior citizen/snow bird terms they both related to the same thing... The many old people living in or coming to Florida, typically known for slow and/or poor driving... Anyways so yes, dodging them tends to be a good idea.

As noted earlier one of my hobbies is Graphics, so hopefully it should come as no surprise to learn that my major was Graphic Design . I hold an Associate of Science Degree in Graphic Design from the Indian River Community College (now State College), along with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida Southern College. These days my time is mostly devoted to working at SkyToaster. We handle Design, Development, hosting and then some. The little free time usually goes to work on my house, watching tv (Hogan's Heros, A-Team, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc...) photography and hanging out with friends. I'm usually up late (or very early depending on your point of view) working on projects, with company from our cats Bert and Rex.

Anyways, that sums things up somewhat nicely.

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