Italy Experiences

May 19, 2009

Ok, so I just realized I still have about an hour of time before my net cuts off so a little recap of the past few days...

If you don't already know I am on a vacation (you know those things where you are disconnected from your "life"...) in the wonderful Italy area (Tuscany/Florence). I arrived on last Thursday after a horrid 9 HOURS of time stuck in one of those sardine cans classified as a jet... Well technically it was more like 7:30 mins from Miami to Paris followed by an hour of layover before another hour from Paris to Florence.

That was actually one of the easier parts as next up we (myself and family) rented a car... Stick shift too... Let's just say about 4 stalls later and the smell of burning clutch we figured out the driving part only to make it to the toll roads... In theory you get a ticket when you enter the toll part (... you know where this is going...) then you enter ticket and pay when you get off... Well that ticket was still at the entry point waiting for us... Anyways a little attempting to communicate and such later we made it through the toll part...

Thankfully this put us on the regular roads... If you know anything about Italy you know the speed limits are more "suggestions" so we got passed a lot (basically the only thing that didn't pass us was a truck we followed some...)

Anyways after a few hours of driving (we got somewhat lost and the Garmin was taking some heat as we didn't "Turn Left") we got to the villa... I will get better spelling later, but it was the Villa Del Rosa in the Tuscany area. If you ever come to Italy the two bits of advice so far...

  1. Hire a Driver to Villa
  2. The speed limit is a suggestion

Anyways we survived and our first night (wasn't sure if it was night really as time got lost between Wednesday and Friday (aka days of travel/rest) and stayed in a nice little cottage (the main villa was full with about 25 Germans) so we enjoyed the overflow building. Great view and it was quiet (always a perk after a long flight).

Anyways the morning we got greeted with some fresh crescents, bread, and cheese (breakfast is screwy over here). We managed to locate the local grocery store a "COOP" (not to be confused with gaming) and picked up a few things (aka milk and other breakfast items for the weekend).

Anyways that's enough for now as it's 5:10 PM here and I need to go clean up and prepare for some dinner! I think tonight is a nice pizza and after climbing 400 something steps to get the below shot well it sounds WONDERFUL... Plus the only thing coming out of a can is the drinks :)

I suspect I will post more about the travels this weekend provided I survive the flight home...

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