Do you really need to understand the medium to be an effective designer? It's a tricky question right...? My thoughts on the subject.

If you have taken a drawing or painting class, you know one of the first items covered is the medium. You have your papers, canvas, paints, pencils, charcoals, etc. So when I see articles discussing web design and how you should understand the code behind them, it gets my interest.

The article presents and interesting question, how can you teach web design without teaching how they work? I am fairly well known around campus as the kid who understands all the technical stuff about websites. You know concepts such as using FTP clients and understand the code that creates a link. (<a href="" title="Example Link to Google">Google</a> if you don't know what a link looks like)

I am a firm believer of teaching people a little about the code, the sad part is most people resist the learning as it's "complex" or "difficult to learn". It may take a little time to learn some of the tags, but if you intend to market yourself as a web designer down the road take a little advice and learn a little code.